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Measure. Understand. Take action

Beehive is a revolution in real-world data gathering and problem solving through advanced analytics and machine learning. When you can gather masses of data, make immediate sense of it with laser-focused insights and rapidly apply evidence-based changes, the possibilities are endless.

Our highly secure edge deployment platform allows any combination of Beehive apps to be deployed and managed remotely across hundreds of sites, allowing you to try new solutions with no additional hardware installs - dramatically reducing the amount of hardware you need to support across your network.

Beehive Dance

Workforce optimization

Workforce scheduling for large, sometimes nationally distributed, operating locations can be extremely difficult from company headquarters. And just how do you understand the level of customer service that is being delivered across the network?

Arrival patterns, customer demographics and a raft of other factors will create different demand for staff availability, location by location. Adding to the complexity, every organization has different customer service level targets, with a direct impact on the number of staff required to be available.

Beehive Dance collects a range of operational metrics from each location and uses them to provide focused insights:

Identify locations that are not scheduling effectively and those with underperforming customer service levels.
Surface opportunities to improve staff productivity - reallocating and reducing latent capacity.
Create the most cost effective set of shifts required to deliver your target customer service level.
Uncover usage patterns and optimize your cleaning schedules to direct efforts when and where they’re needed - significantly reducing injuries and resulting claims.
Maximize loss prevention efforts with intelligent covert scheduling based on expected high risk or repeat offender visit times and locations.
Beehive Sting

Fraud and loss prevention

Customer theft and staff fraud at the register are the biggest contributors to shrinkage, making a considerable dent in retailer margins. In 2019, shrink was estimated to have cost retailers an eye watering 1.62% of revenue. In Australia the cost was $2.5B and, in the USA, $61B.

Even though CCTV is collecting thousands of hours of footage every day, loss prevention teams can never review it all to identify theft and fraud incidents. 

Using advanced AI video analysis and POS data integration, Beehive Sting automatically detects high risk transactional behavior, highlighting possible cash register fraud evidence for assessment and providing real-time analysis and alerts for self-checkout discrepancies.

Beehive Swarm

Property and space optimization

Discover your organization’s real physical space requirements and optimize meeting space, workstation space and layout - maximizing property investment.

Meeting space analysis

Meeting spaces can make up a large part of an organization’s property costs, but lack of meeting space is a frequent staff complaint, and many studies show the advantages of increasing collaboration opportunities between staff, partners and customers.

See just how your valuable collaboration spaces are being used, allowing the right number of spaces and distribution of room sizes to be provisioned and maximizing property investment.

Staff utilization data can also help management understand customer interaction trends, informing better scheduling and identifying latent capacity to use for administrative tasks.

Workstation analysis

In the aftermath of COVID, many organizations have relaxed requirements for staff working from the office. This has delivered massive reductions in leased space requirements and associated costs. With this new flexible approach to office use however, it’s difficult to anticipate when workstation capacity is being exceeded.

Going beyond simple desk sensors, Beehive builds a statistical model that enables workplace planners to confidently allocate just enough office spaces to meet service levels while allowing for occasional shortfalls, knowing that they won’t be blind to the shortfalls when they occur.

Beehive Recognition

Individual & vehicle recognition

Protect your assets and identify threats from organized retail crime and repeat offenders with Beehive’s recognition applications.

License plate recognition

With secured web application access, your security team can search historical plate sightings, filtered by time and locations, allowing multiple events to be correlated with the presence of a particular plate. Add or remove a plate from a whitelist or blacklist and record notes about the plate - for example, the company who owns the whitelisted vehicle, or a law enforcement contact to notify if a blacklisted plate is sighted.

New high risk vehicles are identified automatically based on their arrival patterns, simplifying your team’s approach to finding sources of loss.

Facial recognition

Cost-effectively protect your customers, staff and business from known offenders, across a network of sites and independent of existing DVR systems.

A streamlined end to end enrollment and alarm process increases accuracy while speeding up rejection of false positives, with purging and audit controls to ensure privacy and to clearly demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation.

Beehive Basics

Roll your own solutions

For development or analytics teams that require raw data to help deliver decision making applications and data visualization, Beehive offers a catalog of operational metrics

Plug straight into the full range of Beehive’s up-to-the-minute physical-world activity data gathering - from population counts across multiple areas to foot traffic directions and queue wait times.