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Board and management


Hugh Bradlow

Independent Chair and Non-Executive Director

Hugh previously worked at Telstra for over 22 years. He spent three years as the Chief Scientist and over eight years as the Chief Technology Officer.

Hugh has numerous academic appointments, and holds a Centenary Medal from the Commonwealth of Australia. In 2009, he was elected as the joint Australian Telecommunications Ambassador of the Year. Global Telecom Business has named him as one of the 100 most influential telecommunications executives in the world, and he has been named one of the 12 most influential people in Australian ICT by Smart Company.

Karl Medak

Non-Executive Director

Karl has almost 40 years of deep experience within the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, across varied segments including corporate matters.

Karl has worked for Telstra, Ericsson Australia, Lend Lease Communications, Communications Design & Management and is became a founding member of The Frame Group (Frame) in 2000. He has experience with working with some of Australia's largest corporates as well as government and defence clients.  Karl is currently the head of Frame’s consulting practice, focusing on improving organisational performance. 

Karl has been a non-executive director of RocketBoots since 2007 as well as an indirect shareholder

Cameron Petricevic

Company Secretary and Non-executive Director

Cameron has spent over 17 years in the financial industry, with roles at AXA Asia Pacific Holdings (now AMP) and Acorn Capital across Asia Pacific. Cameron has extensive investment banking experience, including valuations, mergers & acquisitions, and portfolio management.

Cameron is a current partner and director at Kentgrove Equity Partners Pty Ltd.  Cameron is a Director and founder of several private companies and a recent director of Australia Primary Hemp Limited (ASX:APH). Cameron is indirectly a shareholder of RocketBoots.

Key employees

Joel Rappolt


Joel is an experienced technology entrepreneur with deep skills in connecting emerging and complex technologies with the fundamental issues faced by today’s business leaders. 

Joel has overseen a pivot from complex business software solutions development for leading Australian brands into the research and development of software products leveraging advances in machine learning, computer vision and IoT to solve long standing problems in business.

Joel joined RocketBoots in 2007 and has been the CEO of RocketBoots since 2013.

Robin Hilliard

Founder & CTO

Robin has been inventing new software for over four decades, balancing eclectic programming skills with an  interest in understanding, framing and communicating the problems software should address.

Robin founded RocketBoots in 2004 and has guided its evolution from a consultancy and solution provider to today's focus on computer vision research and software products deployed at hundreds of retail and financial sites across Australia.

Robin has been the CTO of RocketBoots since 2013.

Aaron Seeto


Aaron has over 13 years of experience, acting as an outsourced CFO in private and public companies across multiple industries, including technology, legal and financial services, hospitality and medical services.

Aaron is currently head of the outsourced finance function division of CharterNet Services Pty Ltd and specialises in a suite of financial support services, ranging from day-to-day financial accounts management and payroll, all the way up to monthly board reporting and annual financial reporting.